ABR Pro Server

Our ‘ABR Pro-Server’ range of IxStream Automatic Bitrate Servers are designed for businesses who prioritise minimal service downtime over cost. Typical clients are TV channel providers supplying TV packages in a B2B or B2C role, and other clients requiring fail-over capability for their Wifi or constrained display systems.

The ‘Pro’ range includes extra functionality over our standard range that includes:

  • Master/Slave Modes. Automatic serverr fail-over functionality above the ordinary and having different modes for a range of customer situations.

  • Remote Monitoring and Management. Connection to our Ixanon Monitoring System (IMS) and sending ‘event’ messages to IMS or as SNMP Traps to external monitoring systems. IMS will even send SMS or email event messages to a nominated customer contact person.

  • Multi-Site Automatic Configuration. Our centralised configuration system can also be installed at the customer’s own central location; the system has an easy to use configuration user interface and automatic functions for automatically downloading preset configurations to many hotels immediately and at a preset time. Ideal for customers such as large hotel chains with many similar installations, and TV channel package providers addressing B2B markets.

Please contact us for more details on our ABR Pro Server and to discuss your specific requirements if you are considering or have need for true fail-over capability, or remote monitoring or automatic configurations.