Our range of functions and applications are expanding all the time and presently include:
  • IPTV
  • CATV including CATV NIT management.
  • WEB Radio - receiving and streaming WEB Radio stations.
  • Transcoding to other formats (HLS, HTTP, etc) - for Wifi and other uses.
  • IPTV Matrix - our application for Sports Bars, Retail Betting, Shopping Malls and other places needing remote TV channel selection and sound volume control.
  • InfoTV/Digital Signage - enabling customers to generate their own information screens and presentations and have them available as TV channels.
  • TV Portal - our powerful, flexible and easy to use TV Portal with versions for both CATV and IPTV.
  • PVR - a Personal Video Recorder function accessed by the TV Portal and enabling users to record and playback channel content.
  • HTML Mix - a remotely switchable function where our system can embed live streams into HTML pages and output as TV channels.
  • Descrambling - Enabling TV channel providers to send a scrambled TV channel package via IP and IxStream will de-scramble and decode the packet into the separate TV channels.