Fiber Ready

An exciting and natural evolution in the world of digital TV is the quickening move to distribute TV channels via Fiber as well as (or even instead of) satellite based distribution. With Scandinavia being the most fiber developed region in the World then it makes sense for operators to use this remarkable, very high capacity, super fast, and cheaper* transport medium for entertainment services for business as well as in the home.

Our IxStream Headends and ABR Servers have advanced and high throughput functions and interfaces so that operators can make the most of the advantages of Fiber by receiving many TV channels, descrambling and distributing them as IP with just one box. Typically one GT box can process up to 80 channels and one ABR server up to 12 channels with up to 4 transmission speeds each channel

For more information on our Fiber Ready products and how they can benefit your distribution operation then please call us.

*Compared to most Satellite based distribution operations.