Media Streaming Systems for today with tomorrow’s technology - Vision & Reality!

Our IxStream ‘All-in-One’ Headend Streamers, Video-on-Demand Servers, and Cloud based applications are designed with advanced and unique functionality to enable our clients to implement powerful and reliable IPTV, Cable TV and other advanced media processing and distribution systems at an affordable price.


Hotel Hospitality

Retail Betting

Marine / Cruise Ships


Our clients range from film industry distribution services demanding high reliability and capacity, maritime clients requiring VOD and hotel functionality combined with special safety features, to hotels requiring high quality budget TV systems with a wide choice of channels for enhancing guest experience and retention.

We supply complete Headend systems, or we can supply and install a total turn-key solution.

At Ixanon we pride ourselves on being able to provide services to our clients and where we can install a total solution, or design new functions to meet specific demands, often where conventional systems will not suffice or where other suppliers would take too long or are unable to develop. See our ‘References’ page for examples of our development services.