Hotels with CATV Systems

Hotels with existing CATV systems often find upgrading to a full IPTV based system impracticable, not financially justified, or both. Yet hotels still need to somehow upgrade their existing CATV system as new flat TV screens and HD TV channels are highlighting deficiencies in their older system and with quality differing from room to room.

Our IxStream Headends with internal or external CATV modulators are ideal for hotels wishing to keep their existing infrastructure but wanting to provide high quality TV and more services without breaking the bank. This in turn helps towards growing guest loyalty, getting good hotel site reviews, and increasing sales.

Enhanced CATV Features

We bring HD quality to the TVs and provide full channel list and EPG services for guests, if the IxStream Headend is also connected to the Internet then you can also provide local advertising and hotel information channels using our Cloud based InfoTV service, as well as a host of web-radio channels.

IxStream includes features to enhance guest experience and flexibility such as our 'time-shift' TV service where selected TV channels can also be delayed by 1 hour and run as a separate channel - ideal in the evenings for families and catching that program later!


  • High Quality TV. Often when hotels upgrade to new flat-screen TVs with high resolution the displayed TV image quality is not satisfactory. Our IxStream Headend converts the incoming normal and HD TV channels into a high resolution stream suitable for flat screen TVs to prevent this problem.

  • *Time-Shift TV. The hotel can also provide 'Time-Shift TV' whereby the selected TV channels are delayed by 1 hour. This allows hotel guests the opportunity to not miss a special program.

  • Program List and EPG. IxStream provides a full program list and NIT so that the TVs can easily and even automatically be tuned to the new TV channels. Our Electronic Program Guide provides all the necessary review features expected by guests

  • WEB Radio. There is a large selection of license free WEB based radio stations with many different genre and languages to suit virtually every ones taste! By connecting Internet to our IxStream Headend the hotel can also offer a wide range of WEB radio stations in guest rooms.

  • Reception and Bar/Restaurant Information. Hotels can have 'digital signage' and dedicated TV channels for reception welcome messages, restaurant menus and times, special bar offers and ‘happy hours’ and much more by using our Cloud based InfoTV function.

Sports Bars & Restaurants

  • Sports Bars and Restaurants. Our unique IxStream IPTV Matrix function enables staff to easily select which TV or Media channel is displayed on which TV and an what sound level, perfect for hotel sports bars and restaurants with multiple-screens and other display points around the hotel location.

  • New or Expanding Sports Bars. If a hotel is planning to convert existing facilities into a sports bar then by using our solution the cost of installation is greatly reduced as each TV is simply connected on the hotel wired IP network. No costly HDMI cable runs or HDMI matrix boxes.

  • Local Advertising. The hotel can generate extra revenue by selling advertising space on the Information channels to local florists, taxis, and other suppliers.

If you want to move your hotel TV system up a notch and want to find out more of what we can offer, and then please contact us or our special hotel resellers for more information.

*Where permitted.