The IPTV Advantage

"The room was a nice size, with a comfortable bed, great desk space, good size TV with all channels being digital. Nothing annoys me more in a hotel that a TV............."

Today’s hotel guests expect HD quality TV and even connectivity to their personal mobile environment from hotel entertainment and information systems when staying. To meet these demands hotels are moving over from traditional Cable TV to feature rich Interactive IPTV systems with WiFi ability! Even today's TVs have evolved from passive devices to being ‘connected’ Smart TVs, and are expected to be in guest rooms!

Ixanon has advanced systems and applications to meet all these needs, and more, enabling hotels to really embrace the IPTV Advantage and enjoy a great guest experience and reputation and have loyal returning guests.

Hotel Facilities

Hotel systems are not just about guest rooms! Ixanon has focused on guest expectation and developed special applications for fully wifi cabable guest TV, hotel foyer, bars, and restaurants to both enhance a hotels guest experience and to increase revenues.

  • Guest TV. Our advanced interactive Portal and full 7 day EPG provides a 'mini-home' entertainment environment in both individual guest rooms and on Guests Personal Mobile devices using Wifi - AND YES guests can even record and playback TV programmes!

  • Personalised Room TV. In addition, our system can also profile what channels are available to which rooms and at what time; more children channels in family rooms and adult channels only from late evening until morning.

  • Hotel Foyer. An ideal place to display conference and event welcome information as well as hotel information such as restaurant and bar offerings, spa and gym facilities. Our InfoTV / Digital Signage service enables the hotel to easily produce attractive display presentations and show them on displays in the foyer and other locations - and even have the presentations available as selectable Guest and Room TV channels.

Sports Bars & Restaurants

  • Sports Bars and Restaurants. Our unique IxStream IPTV Matrix function enables staff to easily select which TV or Media channel is displayed on which TV and an what sound level, perfect for hotel sports bars and restaurants with multiple-screens and other display points around the hotel location.

  • New or Expanding Sports Bars. If a hotel is planning to convert existing facilities into a sports bar then by using our solution the cost of installation is greatly reduced as each TV is simply connected on the hotel wired IP network. No costly HDMI cable runs or HDMI matrix boxes.

  • Information Screens. As well as providing powerful and flexible sports bar functionality, our system can also manage all other hotel information displays, easily selecting which information stream is to be shown and at what sound volume.

  • Information TV Channels. Our Cloud based InfoTV system enables the hotel to generate attractive presentations and have them as TV channels for guests to view. The hotel can also sell TV channel space to local suppliers and services to advertise to guests, giving the hotel an extra revenue. Of course these advertising channels can also be shown on public area display, such as in the hotel foyer, restaurants and spa.

IxStream is an extremely costs effective solution for hotels whereby our Headend and applications provide and manage all the normal hotel TV functions + PVR + Digital Signage/Welcome Boards + Information systems and channels - All-In-One!


Our Personal Video Recorder (PVR) function enables individual guests to select programs from the EPG they want to record and then play them back at any time - on their mobile device anywhere in the hotel complex, or in their room TV!

TV Portal

Our TV Portal design is easy to use and includes all the features one would expect from a modern TV system, complete with EPG and Integrated PVR control, hotel information, and value added services such as advertising space for local suppliers or services to the hotel. We offer Portal design services to tailor the portal to match the hotel’s branding image if so desired.

Portal View

WiFi Enabled

Mobile Capable. Naturally our systems and solutions are all Wifi enabled. Guests can watch TV or Information Channels, and record/playback programs content on mobile devices, wherever the hotel has provided Wifi!

If you want to move your hotel TV system up a notch with full IPTV then please contact us or our special hotel resellers and find out more of what we can offer.