This function enables a live stream to be combined with a HTML page and transmitted as a single TV channel.

A customer within the retail betting industry asked if we could develop this function so that they could show actual live events combined with new betting opportunities and odds in real-time as a single combined channel on the TV screens. Our advanced design enabled the customer the ability to process 6 different live channels with their own respective betting opportunities simultaneously on the IxStream GT Headends used in each of their premises.

This function increased the amount of betting opportunities presented to our customer's clients for all events - enhancing their clients' enjoyment and increasing revenues!

We even included the ability of remotely switching on or off this function via command codes within the event stream! For example, in this screen showing a football match, when the match has ended the betting information is switched off and the screen goes back to 'full screen' mode.

TIP - as the position and size of the video/html are adjustable this function can also be used for other services such as a scrolling information screen in a hotel and announcing special bar or restaurant offers, etc.