The IxStream Headends and Video-On-Demand systems have been designed to meet the rugged environment and special needs of the maritime industry, our installations range from naval vessels, luxury cruise ships and regional ferries, to floating hotels for the oil industry.

Our systems provide hospitality services and functions similar to our combined hotel, sports bar and restaurant solutions - including information and welcome TV screens - and even including cinema functions.

Our systems also provide special Safety and Alarm functions that are mandatory on vessels:

Stena Message

  • PA Mute – whereby if the ship is to make an announcement then ALL TVs mute and even a message can be shown on ALL channels.

  • Alarm – our IxStream can be connected to the fire or other alarm system; on alarm Ixstream will also automatically mute all channels and show an alarm message.

  • Safety Film – at the ‘press of a button’ the Purser can automatically have the ship’s safety film shown on ALL channels.

We can also include a ‘local’ InfoTV function to provide special-to-purpose, vessel based TV channels such as ‘Helicopter Transport Times’ for the oil industry floating hotels, ‘Whats On’ channels, ‘Bar and Restaurant Times’, ‘Duty Free Shop Special Offers’ for cruise ships and ferries, and weather channels.

For cruise ships and ferries, our system can also produce a 'Ship's Passage' TV channel by using a suitably positioned Video Camera showing the journey and for viewing in cabins or on public screens.

Maritime Finish

To find out more of what we can offer, and if you want to have HD quality entertainment systems on your ships then please contact us or our special maritime resellers for more information.