Migrating to HD IPTV

Hotels recognise the advantages that IP based entertainment and other services can bring yet feel the cost of conversion from their existing TV system is too expensive!

We understand the financial and operational planning hotels have to go through when deciding and having to upgrade their guest entertainment and TV systems - with cash flow, cost and guest disturbance being key issues. Ixanon has a cost effective migration solution that helps address these issues – helping make the migration realisable.

With our system and help the hotel can plan a phased migration over a period of time and whereby the hotel can, for example, upgrade one floor or other group of rooms at a time, spreading the cost and keeping disturbance to guests to a minimum.

External Mod Loan

To achieve this our IxStream Headends can stream to BOTH a new IPTV network AND the existing CATV network at the same time. We will also loan one of our external CATV modulators to the hotel during the planned migration period up to 1 year. At the end of the migration there is no need for the modulator so the hotel simply hands the device back to us.

Please contact us or our resellers for more information on how we can help your hotel migrate over to IPTV.

* Faulty Towers Image courtesy of BBC.