PC Client

The PC Client system enables TV channels and other services to be viewed on laptops, workstations, and tablets in offices and places where conventional TVs are not viable but the ability to view content is desirable. Typical users include trading companies and other financial institutions, schools and other learning institutions, office staff rest-rooms, hospitals, and more.

PC Client is also an effective delivery platform for TV Channel Package providers wanting to sell licenses in the B2B market.

Included in the system are license management, channel encryption, and statistics gathering, these so that TV Channel Package providers can securely deliver to a licensed-limited number of users in an installation and without the need for having Program Cards in the field. The statistics package also allows the TV package provider to see and advise the client what are popular channels and other dynamics such as when and what channels are watched.


PC Client uses the clients own Wifi/LAN to internally distribute the selected TV channels. Key features include:
  • User application available for Microsoft Windows 7 and above, Apple MAC , and Linux.
  • One user can watch multiple TV channels at same time (depending on their processor power/capacity).
  • TV Channel Package delivery via Cloud/Fiber or local Headend.
  • ABR functionality allowing Wifi/slower networks/users to use the system.
  • Optional nPVR (personal video recording).

Please contact us for more information on our PC Client system and how it can can increase your B2B market revenue and client satisfaction.