Retail Betting

Retail Betting

Modern retail betting shops are highly advanced, extremely well planned and many also combine a sports bar or restaurant within the premises to provide a single entertainment center. These locations use the latest OTT, multiple display walls, and other technologies to deliver live event coverage, betting odds, and promotional information to its customers - all to increase betting opportunities and entice customers to place more bets per any given event.

The time from the live event to the image being shown in the betting shop is extremely important and must be as fast as possible to prevent bets being placed where customers know the result BEFORE the betting shop has received and displayed it!

Ixanon has developed a special range of functions and optimised systems in its IxStream GT and LT Headends to address these challenges and help the betting shops both increase betting opportunities and help prevent fraud.

By using IPTV techniques and our unique functions our key value points are:
  • Lowering the cost of, and simplifying a shop installation or expansion by using standard LAN cabling instead of expensive multiple HDMI Matrix Switch boxes and HDMI cable runs.

  • Quick, accurate and easier to use, shop staff can quickly set pre-saved configurations for special events with a minimum of keystrokes.

  • Safety regulations - our system can be connected to a fire or other alarm system and automatically mute the sound on all TVs and blank or put a special evacuation message on all TV screens

  • Cost efficiency for combined retail betting, sports bar and restaurant locations - the one system can easily control ALL TV screens and the separate departments have separate management control.

Retail Betting part 3

  • Enhancing the customer experience by enabling the shop to quickly and easily profile the displays for specific events by selecting what information is shown on which displays– even in the restaurant/sports bar sections - using an easy and powerful WEB control screen from a computer, laptop or pad.

  • The control screen can be divided into separate sections such as betting area, sports bar and restaurant and all having their own separate control – simplicity itself!

  • Increasing betting opportunities for customers by using our unique html/event mixing function so the shop can display the event AND special betting odds on the SAME display.

  • Having the *LOWEST delay from incoming event stream in the shop to being displayed - just ONE second!

Our IxStream Headend is a well proven and reliable streamer running for many years problem free and with our clients’ full satisfaction. Linked with our monitoring and management system and support operations then our customers know they are purchasing a well-designed system and receiving excellent back office support that is needed for such a mission critical aspect of a betting shop.

Please contact us or our specialist resellers for more information and to discuss ideas and how we can help your retail betting operations.

* Compared against 3 other similar 3rd party configurations.