Shopping Malls

By using our IxStream Headend with IPTV Matrix and InfoTV digital signage applications shopping malls can enhance their profile and display useful information for shoppers such as opening hours, parking, new shops and facilities. The Mall can also generate additional revenue by offering additional services to the shop owners such as advertising space, or even a shop's own Information Channel for displaying on in-shop TVs.

The facilities available are:
  • Display information on any screen.
  • Sell advertising space and even 'Own Screens' or 'Information Channels' to individual shops.
  • Provide mall wide all screens safety information, including direction arrows to the nearest exit.
  • Display emergency messages on all screens in the event of an evacuation.


Our system has the following features:
  • Multiple Information channels - each as a separate TV channel.
  • Receive multiple TV channels.
  • Play webradio channels.
  • Easy to use Management System for generating Information Channel content.
  • Easy to use TV Control System for selecting which channels are displayed on what TV screens.

Users can easily and remotely set up or change different information on different displays throughout the mall, or in the case of an alarm, display an emergency message on all screens.

Ixstream is low-cost and easy to install, uses existing or new standard CAT5/6 Ethernet LAN cabling for streaming to TV screens, and can display on varied TV screen technologies including thin-film window displays with ultra-short throw projectors.

Please contact us or our resellers for more information and how we can help you provide a great service to your shoppers and shops.