Sports Bars & Restaurants

Hotel and independent Sports bars and restaurants are extremely popular social venues and where guests want great sports coverage and a variety of TV channels whilst they are having a social get-together with friends, a meal, or when they just come to watch a particular specific event such as football World Cup, Wimbledon, WBA events, and more.

The more flexible and easy it is to configure or expand (both in content and screens) then the more capable a venue becomes in attracting and retaining guests.

Our IPTV Matrix software application on the IxStream Headend allows owners to make the most of the flexibility of IPTV and a standard network to easily connect TVs throughout their premises, without the need for expensive HDMI cabling and Matrix boxes or TV cabling and repeaters.

WEB configurator

Configuration is simplicity itself! By using our powerful yet simple WEB based management screen on a laptop or PAD, staff can easily select which TVs show what channels, and even set their sound volume. NO MORE running around the premises with remote controls and setting the TVs locally, instead staff can continue to serve guests without interruption.

From the WEB screen ‘preset event configurations’ can also be set up and stored. When a particular type of event is on (maybe cricket, Wimbledon, World Cup, WBA event) then loading the TVs with the stored preset for the event is simple and quick!

By using our Cloud based InfoTV Channels service feeding into our Headend via Internet then the venue may also compose its own information channel(s) advertising up-coming events, special ‘Happy Hours’, special restaurant offers, and other advertising, etc. all to help increase revenues and number of returning guests.

Please contact us or our special resellers and find out more of what we can offer and how we can help make your Sportsbar even more profitable.