Subtitle Insertion

"If broadcasters attract a viewing share of more than 0.05% then they must provide subtitles, provided that they can meet the assessed cost by paying no more ..."

Our client had just installed a new hotel system using our IxStream GT Headend for their own client and they used a 3rd Party Android Set-Top Box as part of the solution. To their surprise the Android STB could not select the required subtitle language required and the STB supplier was not able, or interested, to provide the solution, at least within a reasonable time.

Our client informed us of the problem and asked if we could solve it as quick as possible to save them a major situation - which we did within a few days!
We pulled in the appropriate text pids and in a manner similar to our PIPMix function, set the position and mixed the text with the video stream.

Result - a workable solution that saved our client some heavy costs and their client (and hotel guests) are satisfied!